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> Performance A
       - Routine Length: 2:30 minutes (1:30 minutes max on music)
       - Cheer Portion: Emphasizes crowd leading ability with score sheet categories such as Crowd Effective Material, Voice/Inflection, and
                                 School Representation
       - Music Portion: Entertaining, Visual, and Showcases Athleticism


Performance A Score Sheet Samples



> Performance B
       - Routine Length: 2:30 minutes (can be all to music)
       - Cheer Portion: Entertaining and visual with scoresheet categories such as Performance, Showmanship, and
                                 School Representation. A minimum of (2) 8 counts of cheer are required.
       - Music Portion: Entertaining, visual, and showcases athleticism 

* Performance B Score Sheet Samples

> Game Day Performance

The format is inspired by what teams do at home and is similar to camp with the addition of Fight Song as a fourth element. Teams are permitted, but not required, to use camp material to demonstrate the game day environment at their school. With all four elements combined, the Game Day performance cannot exceed a 3 minute time limit. All skill restrictions below will be enforced.

BAND CHANT: The Band Chant will be consistent with the summer camp format. Teams should demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm while entering the performance floor and before the music begins. A cue will not be given to start the Band Chant. Once the music begins, the teams cannot incorporate any skills other than kicks and jumps. Squads should utilize spirit raising props and focus on creative movements such as level changes or ripples, execution of the material and encouraging the crowd to participate.

SITUATIONAL SIDELINE: Following the Band Chant, the announcer will provide a cue for offense or defense. Teams should wait until the announcer finishes the cue and show the proper response to the game day situation. Squads should focus on crowd effectiveness, motion technique and skills relevant to a game day environment. NOTE: It is a requirement to incorporate skills into the Sideline (stunts and/or tumbling, if the division allows). Please review skill restrictions.

CROWD LEADING CHEER: Following the Sideline, teams must return to the performance surface and show a clear separation between elements. Teams can show spirited interaction as a clear transition into the Crowd Leading material. Crowd Leading can include a cheer reflective of a timeout, general sideline / spell-out or other cheer material with minimal words, inciting a response and encouraging a crowd to yell along. Teams should incorporate spirit props and practical skills (stunts and/or tumbling is allowed).

FIGHT SONG: (optional) The final element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. Teams should incorporate crowd effective skills (stunts and/or tumbling, if the division allows) and can include spirit raising props to enhance the overall effect. Fight Song incorporation is limited to three (3) consecutive 8-counts of stunts and/or tumbling. Counting will begin with the initiation of a skill and continue until either the incorporation is complete or the end of the 3rd 8-count. (If the Fight Song repeats, the incorporation will only be permitted both times if the skills are repeated exactly the same.) For teams that do not have an official Fight Song, it is recommended to use a second selection of band chant music.

* Game Day Performance Score Sheet Samples


> Game Day Dance

      - Routine Length: 1 minute 30 seconds
      - Wow the crowd with your performance
      - No stunts/tumbling/jumps allowed


* Game Day Dance Scoresheet


Recreation divisions will follow same routine format and rules and regulations (including additional restrictions for Elementary teams, Middle and Junior High School teams)


* School Deduction System


* School Stunt Progression

* School Pyramid Progression


School Rules are written by the  American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administration. We strictly enforce all AACCA guidelines. To view these rules, please use the links below:

* AACCA School Rules

* Cheer Rules


USA Cheer Music Initiative (For all competing teams)

USA Cheer has released their Music Copyrights Educational Initiative, and as a part of the Spirit community, we have committed to sharing the information and implementing these guidelines at all of our cheer camps and competitions beginning immediately. This program has been designed to ensure that the cheer and dance team community is aware of U.S. copyright laws related to music.
Music Copyrights Educational Initiative Announcement
There is a lot of important information for all of us - event producers, coaches, choreographers, cheerleaders and dancers. Below, you will find an additional resource that provides you with options for the upcoming competition season.
View the preferred providers list here. This is a list of music producers that can help your team with all your music needs.
Teams must be able to provide proof of licensing when registering. This may include:
    - Proof of Purchase from a Preferred Provider
    - If using a single song, receipt from purchase of single song
    - If using an editor, (editors do not have to be on the Preferred Providers list), they must be able to provide you with proof of purchase from a preferred provider and proof of licensing for all sound effects and voice-overs included in the mix.
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